About Darling's Touch

Darling’s roots goes back to 1966 when the first store opened in the old town of Beirut. The main business was marketing and selling fashion jewelry raw materials.

The business was exceptionally successful and grew year after year to reach 3 stores in the early Seventies, before the start of the Lebanese civil war.

In 2002, the founder’s daughter, Madiha Raslan, was very keen to develop her father’s business and develop new ideas, so she launched her new business to design and develop fashion jewelry and accessories that combine European and Oriental styles in a unique fusion.

Madiha made the point to re-start the business with a new and highly talented and gifted team of designers and craftswomen and men who produced exclusive, stylish and chic ranges of fashion jewelry and accessories.

In a very short time, Darling’s has gained an excellent reputation amongst society women and became the talk of the town.

In less than six months, Harvey Nichols requested to Darling’s to supply their stores in Riyadh, with a premium collection of Darling’s products.

Darling’s collection at Harvey Nichols stores was extremely successful and achieved an outstanding growth and sell-through.

In 2003, Madiha had created a new company to manufacture and promote Darling’s products in Lebanon and all over the Middle East.

With its unique artistic and innovative display and its exclusive range of products, the pilot store in Beirut became a destination for fashion-seeking women from Lebanon and the Middle East region.

The business has grown steadily since then and Darling’s team has been able to capitalize on the myriad of opportunities available to them and they now supply major department stores in the region such as Harvey Nichols in Dubai, Villa Moda in Kuwait and Syria, Salam Stores in UAE, Beirut Duty Free and many others.

With this tremendous success, other parties wanted to become part of it and Darling’s became the favorite brand for Miss Lebanon 2007 and it wasn’t a big surprise when Darling’s became an attractive brand for singers and celebrities in the Arab world, who are proud to use Darling’s jewelry & accessories for photo shoots and video clips.