Pandemic Chic, How Dressing up Brings us Joy

A lot can be said about how 2020 drastically changed our lives, a year like no other with lingering challenges well into the new calendar year. Perhaps the most prominent change we felt from the global pandemic of COVID-19 was spending more time at home, and for the fashion-conscious woman who constantly seeks to express herself through what she wears, it’s been an especially interesting adaptation.

Pandemic Chic, How Dressing up Brings us Joy

Alter Your Mood With Your Outfits

Staying at home more than we ever have before, easily tempts us to wear comfortable fuss-free clothes all day but it is of vital importance to reinforce our sense of self worth by making what we wear a little more exciting. What we choose to wear effects how we think and behave; if you have an important business meeting coming up, putting on a ‘work’ outfit might boost your confidence and help you enter the right mind frame to perform better. Whereas if you’re feeling a little down, then wearing something daring and festive could break the routine feeling of constant lockdowns and could lift your mood by miles!

2021’s Catwalks are Studded with Excitement

It’s interesting to note how the global fashion direction is moving towards daring trends filled with energy and joy. We’re observing lots of bold yellows and striking silvers in terms of color, original takes on tie-dye, ballooning trousers, and comfy yet elegant silhouettes as well.

Darling’s Touch is completely in tune with this shift, one where you can direct your creative energy into having full control over your days. Our new collection offers a wide range of unique clothing items fit for any state of mind. Explore our stylish and laid back looks here or opt for more exuberant options on days where you want to feel extra special.

For many of us, dressing up is an integral part of who we are, we do it for ourselves and it’s an important part of our personas. Exercising self-care is more important than ever and showing ourselves a little love and giving our wardrobes some extra attention can do wonders for our productivity and mental health.

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