Here Are This Year’s Hottest Color Trends!

Searching for inspiration to help inject serious energy into your next outfit? Well look no further! We’ve listed 2021’s hottest color pairing trends for you to get out of your element and have some fun with these bold and uplifting choices.

Fashion editors across the board agree that bright and bold colors inspired by natural elements dominated the runways this year. Keep an eye out for vibrant oranges, lemony yellows, hot pinks, striking reds, and the choice to tone them down with mellow and soothing pastels.

Strong Color blocking against pastels.

This styling technique usually involves pairing 2 or more bold colors together. But this year, you could combine soft pastels with bright colors to go for a more uplifted and current feel. The new color blocking is a fun styling trick that gives a second life to some of your more neutral clothing items. For instance, you could pair a powdery pink with a raspberry red or you could go for dusty blue against tangerine toned orange. Think mellow earthy elements next to fun and intense colors that pack a lot of punch.

Sunset Hues

Colors of the sunset are bound to bring an air of romance and happiness into 2021, with pink taking center stage! But also imagine experimenting with sunshine and pale yellows, citrus orange, burning bright reds and tinges of lavender.

Fresh Shades of Green

A huge presence for green was present this year, with a variety of shades ranging from mint, lime, emerald, bright green, seafoam, olive and more. Psychologically green represents growth, hope and ambition. So, if you want to channel your inner go-getter, then definitely go for green.

From Neutrals to Pastels

If you consider yourself a minimalist and prefer to go for toned-down, fuss-free and discreet outfits, then there’s a lot of fun to be had with pastels this year. For you not to have to compromise your style, switch out all your neutrals and opt for pastels instead as your go-to simple base colors.

We also all know that investing in a crisp white shirt is an ultimate timeless fashion purchase that oozes sophistication and can be dressed up or down depending on what you have in mind. Our tip for you to get in on the color fiesta is to add a pop of color to your simple ensemble by either putting on bright shoes or adding on a bold accessory.

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