5 Traits of Highly Successful Women

Never has the narrative of women empowerment been so alive, it’s an inspiring time to take total ownership of our lives in the way we choose to and to embrace the best version of ourselves as women. Below are a few key learnings and pieces of wisdom drawn from observing and conversing with accomplished and strong-willed women in our community.

Traits of highly successful women

1. They Act Now

Despite existing in a global society filled with outdated social constructs about the role of women in the world; women are still rising up and persevering to accomplish their dreams. The main takeaway here is to acknowledge that success requires time and effort, so patience and persistence are key.

Moreover, if something spikes your interest or if you have a business idea you’re passionate about then the time is now to make that happen. The hardest part of your journey is kickstarting it and taking risks so be proud of yourself for putting your plans into action and don’t keep on delaying going after what you set out to do.

2. They choose to be Positive

Adopting a good attitude in life presents us with endless possibilities. Half of your success lies in the story you tell yourself, so make that voice one filled with encouragement and positivity. It’s also important to be realistic and realize that it’s normal to feel negative emotions from time to time like frustration, disappointment and impatience on your way to the top, so have the wisdom to acknowledge your challenges and be optimistic then choose to do something positive about those situations and move on.

Have faith that you can always find a solution to a problem and believe in the transformative power a positive mind frame can bring.

3. They Believe in Themselves

Women who see no obstacles in sight and are determined to reach their goals all have this in common, they believe in themselves and in their vision and purpose. They disregard what others have to say and that’s typically coupled with an unstoppable drive and a willingness to take charge of situations. Having an unshakable trust in yourself paves the way for you to excel and grow.

4. They Lead with Humility

Successful women leaders look beyond their position of power and focus on others. They maintain a humble attitude and keep their ego in check. Having humility allows us to see the value in others beyond our self-centered interests and it’s a trait that breeds wisdom, kindness and is a reflection of true and mature leadership. It is also worth remembering that being humble does not, in any way, mean that you’re reducing your self-worth. One can be kind and gracious and still be incredibly powerful and effective.

5. They’ve Mastered Time Management

You become successful by getting a lot done. We all have the same 24 hours but it’s how we choose to manage those hours that makes all the difference. Women who feel they have control over their professional lives stress on how important it is to be punctual, organized, and focused. When their lives get overwhelming, they simply prioritize what’s on their to-do list and delegate tasks to trusted subordinates in a graceful and confident manner.

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