5 Make-Up Mistakes That Age You & How to Fix Them

You may be great at keeping up with the latest fashion trends, but when was the last time you took a closer look at your make-up routine? The make-up world has drastically transformed over the past few years and new approaches and up-to-date info are essential to have for a vibrant and youthful look.

Celebrity makeup artists say if you’ve been wearing your makeup the same old way for a very long time, you’re probably in a beauty rut and don’t even know it. Here are five common makeup mistakes that make you look older and we’ve listed easy fixes for them too

Not Committing to a Skin-Care Routine

Make-up will not settle well on dry, uneven, flakey and blemished skin. Think of your skin as the base that you can layer your make-up on, and chances are if your skin is well taken care of you’ll end up with a make-up application that will make you look dewy, fresh and one that will leave you with an unmistakable glow.

Make sure to stick to the basics of cleansing your face in the mornings and before going to bed to remove impurities, gently exfoliating 2-3 times per week to remove dead skin cell build-up and to ensure a smooth texture. Keeping skin moisturized is super important and never ever skip the SPF step when heading out in the morning to avoid aging caused by the sun.

Not Using Primer

Good primers usually have ingredients that plump up your skin like hyaluronic acid and silicone to fill in wrinkles and give your skin an airbrushed look. A primer allows make up to glide on easily and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and pigmentation. A primer also act as a protective layer over your skin products and makes your make-up last much longer and controls how shiny your face looks. We’re all for primers because they end up giving you a really radiant look overall.

Choosing the Wrong Foundation Shade

Foundation can be an instant pick-me up when worn in the right shade and blended correctly; it can even out your skin tone, erase discoloration and redness and can give you a gorgeous glow. The key is to pick out a foundation that looks like your skin but only better and not one that gives you a cakey effect which tends to emphasize fine lines. Aim for a shade that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone since most formulas oxidize and get a bit darker post-application. Also make sure to test your shade under natural lighting for optimal results and consider how much coverage you need, most of us can achieve the effect we’re after with light to medium coverage foundations.

Overdoing Contouring

A raging make-up trend that we’ve been seeing all over social media channels is contouring but it is one that is hard to master. A crucial tip is not to add too much product during your ‘face sculpting’ routine. Stay focused on opting for a soft look to define your face. Consult your beauty expert on the right brushes to purchase for a look that’s not overdone and that doesn’t make you look way older under the wrong light. Our main takeaway is that less is always more!

Ignoring Your Eyebrows

As the years pass, the hair on our brows becomes less thick and starts looking sparse and arched which is an instant giveaway of age. Choose an eyebrow pencil over other options like gel and powder to fill out the gaps and make sure the shade you choose isn’t not too dark or too harsh for an ultra-feminine finish.

The best way to approach the application process is to create short and small hair-like strokes and finish off by blending them with a spoolie brush.

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