Advantages over competitors

  • Advantages over competitors
  • Darling’s is the first franchise concept of its kind in the region.
  • Diversified, unique and creative, yet exclusive and fashionable designs.
  • A broad product line which suits the tastes of multiple market segments.
  • An innovative thematic store design, with a fancy yet comfortable shopping environment.
  • An ingenious visual merchandising system which aims at increasing sales.
  • Authentic packaging designs and materials.
  • A pricing structure which provide customers with excellent value for money.
  • Competent sales staff, capable of providing customers with the best advice.
  • Continuous research and development efforts, to introduce new designs and to inject regular new ideas into the business.

Business values

  • We don’t develop a vision and then work to achieve it. We live our vision every day. Every day we achieve small successes which lead to our ultimate goal of becoming the world’s leader in the fashion jewelry and accessories business.
  • Our vision is part of our culture and is inherent in every detail of our business.
  • We understand that our staff can have their own ambitions, but we work very closely with them to align our objectives, so that we can have a loyal team that is part of the overall company road-map.
  • Every day we remind ourselves that we are the leading brand in our field and we are capable of winning the competition against top brands in the middle east and the rest of the world.
  • We listen carefully to our customers and we do our test to meet their needs and always exceed their expectations.
  • We believe that individuals who are treated with respect and given responsibility respond by giving their best. We are responsible to our Darling’s Touch family members, the women and men who work with us.

Reasons for joining us

  • Darling’s franchise program has one prime objective, which is to make franchisees profitable through a carefully designed pricing structure.
  • Darling’s offer a low-risk business opportunity, with proven high profit margins and return on investment.
  • Darling’s is a proven and successful business, already tested and operated in target markets with established customer base.
  • Darling’s is a unique and highly recognized brand in a fast-growing industry with minimum competition.
  • Darling’s offers a turn-key franchise support program right up until the first day of operations, combined with on-going strategic support.
  • Darling’s offer a distinctive range of products, great visual merchandising and packaging designs, not available anywhere else.
  • Darling’s franchise management team is totally dedicated and committed to every franchisee’s success.

Store location criteria

  • Darling’s Touch stores are best located in high-traffic malls targeting middle and higher income customers.
  • In fashion and haute-couture areas. Close to other leading brands.On main streets with high foot-fall.
  • Darling’s Touch stores must achieve Brand visibility from different directions.
  • Darling’s Touch stores must also be easily accessible, whether located inside or outside shopping malls.
  • The store must have sufficient storage space.
  • Adequate and convenient parking space is also a necessity.
  • Shop in shop concept is also available in big department stores.


Franchising Packages

The Franchise Rights

The license to utilize Darling’s Intellectual Property Rights including Trade Name, Product and Service Marks, Expertise and Know-how and all literature and material protected by copyrights.

Transfer of Know-How

This includes trade secrets, management and operational systems including business administration, accounting, human resources, sales, marketing and day-to-day operation.


  • At Darling’s, we have developed an all-inclusive franchisee training program covering every aspect of the business and all operating procedures. It covers start-up guide, employee procedures, marketing for success, and customer service.
  • Our special owner/operator training program is comprised of a two-week initial training for the franchise owner and two staff, in addition to two-weeks training in the franchisee’s territory.
  • On-going training is as important for regular updates and developments in the business, where selected staff members will be required to attend auxiliary training, as and when deemed necessary by Darling’s Touch to ensure continued success.

Initial Support

  • Identification of the most suitable site(s) for new stores, evaluation of site plans and advice on construction and refurbishment of the premises.
  • Investment plans and financial analysis, including profit & loss statement and other analysis such as break-even point and return on investment.
  • Manning and recruitment plans, screening process and employee selection criteria.
  • Store designs and creative impressions of the Darling’s Touch stores, in addition to store opening action plans and algorithm.
  • A sophisticated point-of-sale system.
  • A proven business accounting program and customization of software.
  • Internal auditing program and means of its applications in the franchised area. Operating manuals, marketing plans, advertising, promotional materials and others.
  • A 2-week on site attendance of experienced Darling’s Touch personnel to assist the franchisee in launching the business successfully.

On-going Support

  • “Touch” hotline support line.
  • Annual meetings for franchisees interaction and exchange of ideas. Constant research, development and piloting of new products. Regional marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • Periodical visits for business review and analysis.
  • Continual product/service mix analysis & evaluation based on historical sales. Periodical update of the Operating Manual.
  • Professional product forecasting and centralized ordering procedures.
  • Efficient logistical system for timely and organized delivery of products.


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